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This is the Python standard Error optimization.project ("pybettererror")

This project was registered on on Dec 28, 2009. This small module goal is to make the debugging tool of python shell even better. By replacing a single method in the module sys, pybettererror insert in the traceback output, a direct link to the file and line number targeted by traceback information. Standard error traceback are more powerful with bettererror. It save you time. We always have to open some file related to the traceback informations, and scroll to the line in question anyway. So this module do it for you.

I used that code for many years. Someone could tell it's hacking into Python core. Yes it is. Python is made to grow with time, to be modified, enhanced, changed and played with. Thats the hole concept of Open Source software.

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Project News

A new Web Site. Cool is it?

The Project Web site is just being release Jan 7, 2010 with it super hot look. Thanks to M. Goudreau for is contributions. Send us mail for feedback.

Last updated release is now stable

The first release had some compatibility problems on windows. It is still not tested on Mac system, and waiting for some feedback on this.

Want to know more about manipulation Python?

I use to work with Basic for many years, the language was rigid. We needed to create everything. Today with an evolved language like Python. And the philosophy that goes with it. We can change everything, except for the few reserved words and the "builtins", you can make it suit your needs with just a some small manipulation well placed. No other language can do what Python can. I have tried to find better. There is faster, but no other programming language is wiser than Python.

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